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Women and mothers filing for divorce and in its aftermath face several unique and challenging issues.  In some instances, the divorce is much more difficult for women, and especially mothers. Statistically speaking, on average 67% of divorces are filed by the wife.  There is no concrete reason as to why the wife is more inclined to file for divorce but a strong idea is that the wife is much more in tune with the marriage and feels stronger about it. 

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If there is a problem in the marriage the wife may be more sensitive to the issue while the husband may be eager to see it resolved.  If the wife/mother feels like there is a threat to her or her children, she will do her best to get away from that threat as soon as possible. Women tend to be more prepared for a divorce than their male counterparts. Before filing it is recommended that you look into topics such as child support and child custody along with temporary hearings, alimony, property division, and support.  There are many ways to receive support while going through a divorce but it is important to remember a few things:

• Divorce does not mean failure
• Recovery may take some time, and that is normal
• Find the appropriate counsel, many will tell you they are equipped to handle your divorce, do your research and do it right the first time
• Start preparing financially for the divorce and life after the divorce
• Make plans in case an unexpected situation comes up
• The divorce may hurt a bit more during the holidays
• Your children will also be impacted
• Try to refrain from “hurting your ex”, you may have been hurt but trying to get back at them may have bigger repercussions

If you feel like a divorce is on the horizon, start making plans now. Move any assets that need to be moved, start separating joint accounts, reach out and form a support group, and prepare yourself. If money is an issue, look into filing for temporary child and spousal support while waiting for the divorce to finalize. After the divorce is finalized, you are free to start your life and continue your pursuit for happiness.

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