Many people fail to complete important documents after their divorce has been finalized. Being proactive about tying up the loose ends of divorce can save you the perils of prolonged time and money spent dealing with it. Several main documents should be updated once your divorce has been granted:

1. Will Estate and Planning
Under Georgia law, your will be voided after a divorce. Additionally, your family circumstances will have changed after divorce and thus it will most likely be necessary to amend your will anyway. How property will be distributed and who the executor of your property is will most likely need to be changed.
2. Life Insurance
If your ex-spouse is listed as the beneficiary of your life insurance policy, someone else will need to be named post-divorce.
3. Power of Attorney
It is important to update who will manage your business affairs and your health care decisions in the case of mental or physical disability.
4. Bank Accounts
Ex-spouses should be removed as authorized signer on bank accounts, mutual funds, and money market funds. Your former spouse’s name should also be removed from accounts associated with your credit cards.
5. Names
If you are changing your name after divorce, make sure to update your driver’s license, passport and social security card as well.
This list is not comprehensive and does not cover all of the changes that need to be made after your divorce has been finalized. Your attorney can help you navigate these changes and learn what else you should do in order to protect yourself legally post-divorce.