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Alpharetta Georgia Uncontested Divorce Lawyers and Family Law AttorneysWhile divorce is almost always stressful and messy, the legal proceedings do not have to be. In an uncontested divorce, the couple agrees to end their marriage and works with one another to settle all of the details of the dissolution in agreement. Not only is the process more dignified and easier, it is also much less expensive because these cases do not usually go to trial, and there is less legal fees. Additionally, ending a marriage in this manner can be conducive to ensuring there are amicable relations between parties once the process is finalized, which is often times beneficial if there are children involved.

Although an uncontested divorce does not usually every go to trial, it is still of utmost importance to secure proper and effective legal representation for each party. Even a divorce that begins with amicable intentions can turn ugly if it is not handled properly. The legal landscape is often times complex to navigate without the proper education and experience, and a family law attorney will be able to help you file the proper documents on time and will discuss the process with you, making sure that you get the results you want efficiently.

If you are unsure whether an uncontested divorce is for you or whether you and your spouse will be able to work through all of the details amicably, consider the benefits of filing an uncontested case: not only are there financial and emotional benefits, but spouses who reach their own agreements regarding spousal and child support, child custody and division of debts and assets are usually able to reach agreements that are best suited to their unique needs. A judge will make a ruling based on the law, but you and your spouse can make a decision based on your needs – and you can do it without incurring expensive court costs.

Coleman Legal Group, LLC can provide mediation between you and your spouse if you are not sure that you will be able to file in agreement but would like to try. Over eighty percent of mediation attempts are successful. If you are ready to file your divorce or are still looking at your options, schedule a consultation today to see how we can help you.

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Alpharetta divorce cases include residents residing in the following zip codes: 30004, 3005, 30009 and 30022.

Uncontested Alpharetta divorce cases can be filed in either Fulton County or Forsyth County, depending on which county one or both of the parties reside.

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