Fulton County has a separate division designed to handle solely domestic relations cases filed within the county called the Fulton County Family Division (FCFD). The FCFD utilizes both formal litigation and alternative dispute resolution methods to help the parties come to an agreement regarding the case matters. The court mandates that both parties participate in the discovery process and exchange information before the Thirty Day Status Conference.

The FCFD schedules three status conferences at which the parties, their attorneys and a Judge/Judicial Officer meet and discuss the status of the case and possible resolutions that could lead to a pre-trial settlement. There are 30-day, 60-day and 120-day status conferences and these conferences are a great opportunity for the two parties to work through temporary issues or ongoing disputes such as bill or mortgage payment or access to the children.

The 30-day Status Conference meets roughly thirty days after the filing of the case and enables the parties to exchange discovery and possibly reach agreements on some aspects of the case; if no agreements are reached, the court may schedule a temporary hearing. It is essential to be prepared for this conference; otherwise, it can be rescheduled for a later date.

According to the Superior Court of Fulton County website, Parties MUST complete the following documents and BRING to the 30-day Status Conference:

Domestic Relations Financial Affidavit. Click here to download a PDF copy of the Domestic Relations Financial Affidavit for completion.

Note: If Child Support is a legal issue in your case, the Georgia Child Support Commission’s Website has Excel Calculators and downloadable forms to assist in completing the calculations for Child Support.

Answers to Interrogatories. Interrogatories are nothing more than questions. Each party must provide written answers to all Interrogatories (questions) and bring to the 30-Day Status Conference. Click here to download a PDF copy of the Interrogatories for each party to provide written answers.

Required Documents to be Produced. It is mandatory that each party obtain certain documents and bring to the 30-Day Status Conference. Click here to download a PDF copy of list of the Required Documents to be Produced.

The 60-day Status Conference meets roughly 60 days after filing and enables parties to meet again and discuss any discovery disputes, resolve any lingering temporary issues, and possibly schedule a mediation date.

The third and final conference, the 120-day Status Conference usually entails the parties reporting to the judge what issues have been resolved and what discovery has taken place. If a final resolution has not been reached, the final trial date will be set at this time.