Facebook, Google+, Social Media and Divorce

Facebook, Google+ and other forms of social media can cause a myriad of issues when it comes to your divorce. When it comes to using your account during this time, it is imperative to remember three basic things:

Nothing is private if it’s online: Even if your privacy settings are air-tight, there are still loopholes. Be wary of posting potentially harmful information. Even a comment such as “met with my attorney; everything is going well” can harm you in court and give your spouse insight he or she doesn’t need. Mutual friends can potentially also be dangerous. It is best to not post anything divorce related.

Anything you say can and will be used against you: Do Not post pictures that can be interpreted as you dating someone new or seeing anyone else, this could harm your case. Additionally, Do Not post disparaging comments or statuses. Your spouse can print out or screenshot anything you say and use it against you in court. If you don’t want it repeated or revealed in court, keep it away from your online persona – even if you believe that it is private.

You can use your Facebook and social media sites to your benefit: Using social media and the internet can help you find information and answers about the divorce process. It can help you connect with people who have been what you are going through and can enable you to keep in touch with your family and children if you are separated. When you use social media in a smart way, it can actually help your case.