Temporary Hearings are not a required part of the Georgia divorce process, but they can be helpful in addressing some of the issues you and your family will be dealing with between the time you file for divorce and the decree has been issued. Either party can request a temporary hearing be held, and some of the matters that can be discussed include temporary child or spousal support, child custody and visitation, and debt/asset division.

The goal of the temporary hearing is to address practical issues so that you and your family can have structure during the “waiting period.” While the judge’s decision at these trials is only temporary and a trial will be scheduled to come to a final decision, judges have been known to uphold their decisions at the temporary trial because they feel that it has worked thus far, especially when it comes to child custody. That being said, you should always put your best foot forward, no matter what stage of legal proceedings you are in.

During the temporary hearing, each party may present their own oral testimony and that of one other witness. If any party wishes to present additional witnesses, they can testify via deposition or affidavit.