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Alpharetta Georgia Contested Divorce Lawyers and Family Law AttorneysIf you and your spouse are unable to agree on all matters pertaining to your divorce, and will be filing a contested case, having aggressive and effective legal representation can be a determining factor in getting what you want out of your case. Divorce is a stressful time, and nothing can be more draining than dragging out the legal battle and fighting over every aspect with your spouse. To minimize legal costs and emotional effects, it is in your best interest to promptly find an attorney you are comfortable with and who has had an array of experience with complex contested cases that go to trial.

If you choose to file a contested divorce in Alpharetta or throughout the state of Georgia, you will be able to file under one of the twelve fault grounds or a no-fault ground. Then, you will undergo a discovery process where both you and your spouse will provide documentation and information to the other party’s attorney. This may include a deposition, which is a questioning under oath with your attorney and your spouse and their attorney. Finally, your case will go to trial, where your attorney and your spouse’s attorney will present your respective cases and a judge will make a decision. This process can continue for months as it weaves its way through the contested issues in your case.

Choosing a lawyer with extensive experience with such cases is imperative to getting the best results possible. While divorce is a stressful time for all parties involved, the lawyers at Coleman Legal Group, LLC can protect your rights and help you get through the process as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Alpharetta divorce cases include residents residing in the following zip codes: 30004, 3005, 30009 and 30022.  Alpharetta divorce cases can be filed in either Fulton County or Forsyth County, depending on which county one or both of the parties reside.

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