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If you are currently facing the possibility of divorce, gaining a full understanding of the process can minimize the stress you and your family will go through. While ending a marriage is undoubtedly a painful and emotional experience, securing effective legal representation can be a key aspect of ensuring your case is strong and ultimately successful. At Coleman Legal Group, LLC, we are experienced and effective divorce and family law attorneys are dedicated to helping you preserve your time with your children and the financial means to start over and move on. Divorce is a serious matter and you should trust your future with an experienced caring attorney.

In Alpharetta, Fulton County and throughout the state of Georgia, you have the option of filing a contested divorce or an uncontested divorce. While our Alpharetta divorce attorneys are well versed in both types of cases, knowing which type of process will work best for you is critical. An uncontested divorce case means that you and your spouse are in complete agreement and that you will most likely not go to trial. Your Alpharetta uncontested divorce could be finalized in about thirty-one days.

If you decide to file a contested divorce case, it will mean that you and your spouse are not in agreement. Any small detail that you cannot agree on will result in a contested case, no matter its relative importance to the case. Our firm recommends trying to file an uncontested case and agree on all counts – it will be cheaper and easier. However, if there are issues you cannot work through, we will provide the services you need to file a contested divorce, build your case with the evidence needed, develop your arguments and get the most favorable result possible. Call us 770-609-1247 to speak with an experienced Alpharetta divorce attorney now.

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